John’s Book Of Alleged Dances, 1994
John Adams

Shaker Loops for String Septet, 1978
John Adams

Untouched, 2015
John Luther Adams

Theme and Variations for Flute and SQ op.80, 1916
Amy Beach

SQ No. 2, 1936
Johanna Magdelena Beyer
Cymboline SQ and Mandolin, 2013
David Bruce

SQ in 4 Parts, 1950
John Cage

SQ No. 1, 2009
Billy Childs

Jazz Chamber Music Collaborations:

A Man Chasing the Horizon, Into the Light, The Path, Raindrop Patterns
Billy Childs

Winter Soul, * 2010
Stephen Cohn

Faster Than That, 2005
Robin Cox

String Quartet, 1931
Ruth Crawford

VSTO, 2009
Alvin Curran

Unmanned, 2013
Ian Dicke

Real Joe, 2001
Mark Feldman

Piano and SQ, 1985 **
Morton Feldman

Recess for SQ and optional Electronics, * 2017
Tom Flaherty

Between the Wheels for SQ and Bass Clarinet, 1990
Jim Fox

Kanto Kechua No. 2, 2018
Gabriela Lena Frank

Lelekovice, 1991
Fred Frith

Fell for Guitar and SQ, 2001
Fred Frith

String Quartet No. 2 Crazy Cloud, * 1994
Peter Garland

Four Studies of Peking Opera, Piano Quintet, 2003
Ge- Gang-ru

Lullaby for SQ, 1919
George Gershwin

all ashore,* 2021
Sarah Gibson

Mishima SQ No. 3, 1985
Philip Glass

SQ No.5, 1991
Philip Glass

Flying Sparks & Heavy Machinery for SQ and Percussion Quartet, 2000
Annie Gosfield

String Quartet No. 2, 1987
Sofia Gubaidulina

String Quartet Set, 1979
Lou Harrison

String Quartet Opus 76 No.3
Joseph Haydn

An Aurora Borialis and All Men Out of Jail, *2004
Justin Haynes

No Quarter, 2010
Sean Heim

Standing in the Storm of Time for Piano and SQ,* 2015
Sean Heim

Kirurgi SQ No. 2, 2009
Jeffery Holmes

“Yang-Guan Songs”  String Quartet, 1993
Joan Huang

La Brea “the tar” for SQ, * 2005
David Jaffe

Falling Water, 2010
Joan Jeanrenaud

String Quartet No. 4 “Amazing Grace”, 1973
Ben Johnston

Revised Standards, 1987
Ben Johnston

I-Quadrifolgio for SQ and Interactive Computer, 2011
Mari Kimura

SQ #1 * 2004
Carla Kihlstedt

Lightning Slide, 2003
John King

Three Pieces for SQ, 2004
Karl Kohn

Reflections for SQ, 2014
Karl Kohn

Rhapsodic Music for SQ, 2011
Karl Kohn

three miniatures, *2016
Alisson Kruusmaa

Physical Property for SQ and electric guitar, 1992
Steven Mackey
There will Come Soft Rains, SQ, Percussion Q, Piano
Pamela Madsen

Untertonquartett 1, 2006-2008*
Michael Maierhof

Piano Quartet No. 1, 1942
Bohuslav Martinu

Harp and Altar, for SQ and Electronics, 2009
Missy Mazzoli

Ladainha SQ,+ 1990
Chico Mello

Nao So,* 2011
Chico Mello

SQ in D Major, opus 44
Felix Mendelssohn

SQ #1, 1912
Darius Milhaud

String Quartet #2, 1914-1915
Darius Milhaud

String Quartet #18, 1951
Darius Milhaud

9/9/99 w/cards for SQ, 2010
Roscoe Mitchell

Stringsongs, 2005
Meredith Monk

Source Code, 2013
Jessie Montgomery

Altar de Muertos, 1997
Gabriela Ortiz

Aroma Foliado, 2006
Gabriela Ortiz

Baalkah for SQ and voice, 2000
Gabriela Ortiz

Persuasion, SQ #1, * 2005
Zeena Parkins

Visible/Invisible, SQ#2, * 2005
Zeena Parkins

s:c:a:t:t:e:r:i:n:g for SQ and Percussion, *2010
Zeena Parkins

Spirit Away the Flesh for SQ and electronics, *2017
Zeena Parkins

Fratres for SQ, 1977
Arvo Part

Adagio from Three Designs for Four Instruments, 1964
Zenobia Powell Perry

Four for Tango, 1989
Astor Piazzolla

Different Trains, 1988
Steve Reich

Musica de Feria SQ #4, 1932
Silvestre Revueltas

Ariadne’s Thread for SQ and Computer Synthesized Sound, 1994
Roger Reynolds

G Song, 1980
Terry Riley

Whimwhams for Marimba and SQ, 1993
Frederic Rzewski

Terra Memoria SQ#2, 2006
Kaija Saariaho

Separation Songs, 2013
Matt Sargent

Ode To Napoleon Piano Quintet and Reciter, 1942
Arnold Schoenberg

Verklarte Nacht String Sextet, 1899
Arnold Schoenberg

Five Pieces for String Quartet, 1925
Erwin Schulhoff

Piano Quintet, 1972-1976
Alfred Schnittke

String Quartet #8, 1969
Peter Sculthorpe

Lumen, 1996
Elliott Sharp

The Cambrian Explosion (Guitar Quintet)
Elliott Sharp

Quartet No. 7, 1960
Dimitri Shostakovich
Penelope, 2008
Sarah Kirkland Snider

A Fluttering of Wings SQ and Electronic Ghost Score, 1981
Morton Subotnick

Danzas de Panama, 1948
William Grant Still

Vestigia for SQ and Electronics rev, 2011
Kotoka Suzuki

Quintettap (Guitar Quintet) +
Giorgio Tedde

Cognate Canons for SQ and Percussion, 1993
James Tenney

Migration  for Guitar and SQ +
Ralph Towner

Cycles for SQ, Shakuhachi, electronics, 2014 +
Ko Umezaki

Spiral III, 1990
Chinary Ung
River Beneath the River, 1993
Lois V. Vierk

Love Bleeds Radiant, 2006 for Amplified SQ and Electronics
Dan Visconti

Kelebek for SQ, 2017
Ken Walicki

nada brahma for SQ and Tape, 1997
Ken Walicki

Windmill, 1991
Stephen Whittington

Unity Terra, 2010
David Williams

Blue Dress, 2015
Julia Wolfe

Dig Deep, 1995
Julia Wolfe

Four Marys, 1991
Julia Wolfe

Yugoslavian Railroad Song, 2004
Gernot Wolfgang

New England Travelogue for Piano and SQ*, 2009
Gernot Wolfgang

Burning -Global Outrage denouncing terrorist acts on 9/11/2001, 2002
Chen Yi

No Quiet Please, 2010
Adam Zahller

Kol Nidre, 1996
John Zorn

* indicates world premiere