Electric Eclipse

John’s Book Of Alleged Dances for SQ
and Rhythm Loops 1995
John Adams
Unmanned Ian Dicke
Recess for SQ Tom Flaherty
and Electronics 2017
I Quadrifoliglia Mari Kamura
Harp and Altar Missy Mazolli
Persuasion for String Quartet and Zeena Parkins
   Electronic Processing 2004
s:c:a:t:t:e:r:i:n:g for String Quartet Zeena Parkins
   and Percussion  2010
Spirit Away the Flesh for String Quartet Zeena Parkins
Different Trains for String Quartet Steve Reich
   and Tape 1988
Ariadne’s Thread for String Quartet
and Computer Synthesized Sound 1994
Roger Reynolds
 A Fluttering of Wings String Quartet Morton Subotnick
   and Electronic Ghost Score 1981
Vestigia for String Quartet Kotoka Suzuki
   and Electronics rev 2011
Cycles Ko Umezaki
River Beneath the River 1993 Lois V. Vierk
Love Bleeds Radiant for Amplified String Dan Visconti
   Quartet and Electronics 2006
nada Brahma  for String Quartet Ken Walicki
   and Tape 1997